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Vegan Sushi

I am in love with vegan sushi. I’ll go to Wegmans multiple times a week and drop about $6 each time on a lovely avocado roll. It really hurts the small budget I have for food made outside of the home. Ultimately, to keep up with my healthy sushi habit, we decided to make our own to save money and to play around with the ingredients. We chose to incorporate avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, and carrot. In the end, we made 11 rolls. For the ingredients that we used, we spent $6.50 for 11 rolls. It is simply baffling to be able to make more than 10 times the sushi for the same price as one Wegmans roll.

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2% Seaweed in Cow’s Diet Lowers Methane Production 99%

With climate change being a critical issue of our time, addressing one of the leading causes is key. Check out an article by the Irish Times stating how we can use seaweed supplementation in a cow’s diet to reduce their methane production by 99%. I see it as a great start towards a plant-based lifestyle…… Continue reading 2% Seaweed in Cow’s Diet Lowers Methane Production 99%

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Creamy Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothies are our go-to breakfast.  They are quick, easy, nutritious, delicious, and pretty cheap to make!  Since both of us are currently college students this smoothie is the perfect morning pick me up that helps us get our day started on a positive note! Ingredients 3 frozen bananas.  We unpeel and freeze our bananas when…… Continue reading Creamy Banana Smoothie


Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

We recently got some surprise gifts from our friend over at Meaty Vegan.  They sent us a whole bunch of insanely hot and flavorful spices and sauces.  So, as soon as the package arrived we decided to tear every bottle open and see how hot they all were.  Wow, was that a mistake, their stuff set our mouths on fire!  After struggling to set the infernos in our mouths out we decided it was time to pair some of these amazing sauces and spices with some food.  We decided that these flavors would pair well with some vegan “wings”.  Breaded and baked cauliflower offers a healthy alternative to the traditional deep fried chicken wings.  These bites had some crunch, meat, and soaked up a ton of sauce… All the things someone looks for when they eat wings.