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Vegan Store Launch!

Our Fully Vegan Store is Here!

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We are super excited to announce that we have launched our own vegan merchandise store!!  The store, for now, features women’s and men’s shirts, jewelry, and home decor.  We will be constantly adding items that we love and think our readers would also enjoy.

As part of our launch event, we are giving away this FREE vegan necklace.  All you have to do is pay for it to get to your house.


We are also donating 25¢ from every item sold to a local animal sanctuary in the upstate New York area.

Here are some of the cool shirts we have available right now.



We are going to be constantly adding more merchandise to sign up for our email updates and be sure to check back every so often!’s Vegan Web Store


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2% Seaweed in Cow’s Diet Lowers Methane Production 99%

With climate change being a critical issue of our time, addressing one of the leading causes is key. Check out an article by the Irish Times stating how we can use seaweed supplementation in a cow’s diet to reduce their methane production by 99%. I see it as a great start towards a plant-based lifestyle as they recommend simply eating “fewer burgers and steaks,” but eliminating the consumption of animals is what our planet truly needs.

Article: Seaweed shown to reduce 99% methane from cattle
*Check out Chasing Coral and Chasing Ice on Netflix.