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The Vegan Chef

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I’m 26 years old and currently living in upstate New York.  I am attending Buffalo State College in the fall of ’17 for the first time.  I received my associate’s degree from Monroe Community College in Computer Information System in the spring of ’17.  I’ll be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from Buff State for Computer Information Systems.  I have been working in various restaurants in the upstate New York area for about 10 years now.  I have worked at corporate chains like Moe’s and Longhorn Steakhouse and also in private establishments like Blu Wolf Bistro and Trattoria Aroma.  I decided to go vegan December 27th of 2016 because the lovely lady who helps me run this website who told me she wouldn’t date me unless I stopped eating meat!  I decided to give up meat for a shot with her, and it was the best decision of my life!  I’ve lost 25 lbs as of June ’17 and have never felt better.  For this website, I’ll be using my 10 years of cooking experience to bring you new and exciting vegan recipes that will be sure to keep you excited about eating fruits and vegetables!  Thanks for taking the time to check out what our website has to offer.


The Vegan Nutritionist

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A lot has happened to make me who I am today. Many people and outside influences have slowly coaxed me towards the vegan lifestyle. Before the day the switch flipped on June 15th 2014, I was happy with calling myself a vegetarian but didn’t have any real pull towards upholding the eating pattern 100% of the time. I hadn’t ever really stopped to sit down to figure out what a vegan was either. My sister had been experimenting with the diet and lifestyle for a short while and told me that I needed to watch Earthlings to really understand why she changed her life so much. So, while I was babysitting at my aunts house, I decided to watch the film. By the end of it, I felt like a whole was ripped open in my heart and my face was soaked with tears. As anger and sadness welled up inside me, compassion also took over. I didn’t want to cause suffering and I had felt like a fool for not being aware of my actions towards animals. And just like that I went vegan.

I started by watching as many vegan YouTubers as I could to see what I could and couldn’t eat or buy and to prove to myself that there are countless individuals already thriving as vegans. I also got a nutrition tracking app called Cronometer to see if what I was eating on a daily basis was adequate for health. I had the support of my friends and family and secretly loved it when I would get the random person confronting my new choice. I prepared myself with a wealth of information from sites like NutritionFacts.org and read as much as I could. I really got into the nutritional aspect and saw that people were changing their lives and healing themselves from within through the use of a whole foods plant-based diet. After 4 months of investigating, I decided to go back to school to become a Dietitian. I wanted to share everything I had read and change peoples lives too! I got such joy from watching my mother implement the diet and then quickly lower her blood pressure and get off of her medication. I saw my energy, skin, nails, and hair all improve greatly. Best of all, my anxiety and depression was fading. Deciding to get a degree in Dietetics was one of the most memorable times of mental clarity I’ve ever had. It was something I felt deeply connected to and had great motivation to acheive.

Over the last two years Buffalo State college, I have maintained a Dean’s List worthy GPA and enjoyed the challenge that academia brings. Being the treasurer for the college’s Rotaract Club and Nutrition Club also helped me to meet amazing new friends and people in the community. Thus far, I have volunteered more than 300 hours and to plan to achieve at least 500 hours by the time I graduate. Volunteering for Jessica Altman’s whole food plant-based cooking classes has given me the greatest sense of belonging and reminds me why I decided to pursue my degree.