Cold Brew Coffee

unnamed-e1498598136216Creating this coffee recipe is the best thing I have ever done.  It gives my morning the jump start I needs, it’s cheap, it’s easy to make, and it tastes way better than traditional drip coffee.  Cold brew has been in trendy coffee shops for a while now, but it’s so expensive that it’s not even worth trying. Two medium cups of this at Starbucks totals out to be almost $7.00.  This process will teach you how to make 15-20 cups for $7.00 right from your own home!

The reason cold brew is better than drip coffee is because it doesn’t have that bitter taste that hot coffee has.  Most people put cream and sugar in their coffee to mask that taste, raising the calories and fat content.  Since we’re mindful vegans over here, we wanted to find a way to have good tasting coffee without the need for sweet additives.  This process takes a little longer and requires a little planning, but the result is a great drink that doesn’t need any sweeteners or creams added.


  • Coffee grounds: The better the grounds the better the flavor.  We use cheap coffee, but if you get flavored coffee grounds the taste is just that much better.
  • Water

(Crazy list of ingredients, I know!)


Other Tools





  1. The magic ratio I’ve found to be the best is 1 part coffee to 12 parts water.  So, depending on much you want to make you have to adjust your amounts.  Mix the cold water and coffee together in whatever container you plan on storing overnight.  If you want your coffee stronger adjust your ratio to have less water or more coffee, if you like it a little weaker, add more water or use less grounds.
  2. Seal the container. Give it a good shake, then let it sit in the fridge for 18-24 hours.
  3. Strain the coffee through cheesecloth and remove the grounds.
  4. Throw in some ice cubes and enjoy your delicious cold brew coffee.



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